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Hey there guys! Long time, no blog post, my apologies!
Second year of University is officially over (yayyyy!!) and I’m back home. I’m working on something new (hint: it involves videos) that’s taking a lot of my time at the moment but I swear I’ll be back to more frequent blog posts very soon.
Anyway, Soho Leeds recently invited me down to see them and have my nails done so that I could let you guys know whether I liked them or not.

First up, I immediately walked in and was wowed by the decor and feel of the store was amazing. I severely dislike those salons where you walk in and it feels dark/dingy/depressing. The room was really bright and white (perfect for my Instagram babes wanting to get their nails done and get some cute pics).

The next thing that I noticed was that there was a crazzzzzy amount of colours to choose from. I am a neutral fanatic and I can often find that some salons have very few options, yet this salon had a whole wall of colours (this picture only shows half).

So two things worry me when I see a great local salon online – does this mean its crazy expensive and are the people going to be nice? I’m a student, so budget is King for me and I’m also crazily anxious so friendly and nice staff really help me to relax and enjoy the experience.
The prices seem pretty average to me, definitely good value. However, they are currently having an awesome summer sale with some great deals which you should definitely try out.

The staff were also GREAT, I feel so at ease and was super duper comfortable. Azra, especially, is an angel and feel free to tell her I said so.
Okay, now I’ll get to what you reaaaaally wanna see – the nails!

I love love these, to me they’re perfect. I don’t enjoy very flashy nails (on me), I don’t like bright colours or very much sparkle. I do enjoy, however, very well done simple manicures and polishes are something which I can obsess over.
I got shellac on my nails and usually really struggle to keep this on my nails for very long without chipping, so I’m hoping these will last well – I’ll update here letting you know how long they lasted!
Personally I couldn’t recommend more that you visit the salon, so if you’re interested in visiting Soho Leeds, you can make an appointment by contacting them here – 0113 318 7588

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