My Love Hate Relationship With Chunky Trainers

Amidst the current chunky trainers craze that Balenciaga Triple S sneakers provoked, I’ve found myself alternating between two questions; why are people obsessing over these ugly trainers and where can I get an affordable pair?

Since I my shoe size overtook my Mum’s I have been obsessed with any shoes which make my feet look as small as is humanly possible. So chunky trainers were something of a nightmare come true for me. But as with most kind of ugly designer things on Instagram, the more I saw these the more I kind of dig them. The coloured ones are still a little much for me, but I definitely have a soft spot for the white pair now.

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So I decided to look for a more affordable pair on a budget of roughly -£3. As you can imagine, it wasn’t extremely successful but I did find some in the £30-£40 region. I was surprised at just how similar some of the designs were to the real thing. But none of the ones I saw seemed quite right for me, maybe chunky trainers aren’t for me?

I’m all for a lookalike, but there are two things that are really important –  they don’t look insanely cheap and they aren’t an exact copy. I’d be mortified to think that people were looking at me as I walk down the street thinking ‘Does she think she’s fooling anybody with those fakes?’.

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Eventually, in an assignment fuelled misery, I ended up ordering the Rose Nike Air Max 95 (first in the row below). Figuring that they had a chunky enough sole to satisfy my chunky trainer craving but also different enough that not everybody would be wearing them. But when they came they looked like something my 17 year-old brother would wear and I simply ain’t about that life.

(No offence Owen, I just don’t want to look like a 17-year-old boy.)

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At this point, I gave up, returned to my original of chunky trainers being ugly anyway opinion and comforted myself in the knowledge that I only wanted them because all the cute influencers were wearing them …

Click the pictures to check out their pages:

@chloeplumstead                      @indiamoon_                              @shebelongstotheworld             @lissyroddyy                              @lornaluxe

So they’ve got me convinced, I’m hooked. I’m not just curious anymore, I’m desperate to get my hands on a pair (I did warn you this is a to and fro kinda situation). I guess chunky doesn’t mean they’re ugly they’re just different, right? So, I went hunting for the perfect pair then coincidentally the brand reached out to me the next day about a collaboration (I shit you not, it was fate if I ever saw it). Long story short, I got my hands on a beautiful pair from Lily Lulu Fashion.

If you’ve been paying attention so far, I’m sure you’ll have guessed which colour I picked out (hint: the all white ones). Although I may have to look at getting myself a pair of the grey/yellow/green ones soon.  Shockingly, they actually make my feet look tiny?! The sole is a lot chunkier than the actual shoe part which creates a kind of optical illusion making my feet and my calves look much smaller in comparison. I’m starting to like this chunky trainer thing…


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I’m suuuper excited to style these, so here are few pieces I’m excited to rock with my new kicks:

Thank you so much to Lily Lulu Fashion for gifting the lovely trainers to me!💕

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