Korean Face Mask Review

If you’re active on the internet right now you’ve probably noticed Korean culture sweeping across the globe and leaving obsessive girls everywhere in its wake. As a result their beauty products are slowly creeping into the Western beauty world, especially skincare.
So, to give you a small insight into the Korean beauty world Kate, Charley and I sacrificed a precious evening of studying to drink prosecco, eat snacks and test out face masks. You can thank me at the end.
(Please note, I am writing post after drinking the prosecco – please forgive any grammar mistakes)

I bought five Korean face masks on Depop – each for only £1! We each tried one, this is what we thought…

Kate – Fovever Young Pore Control Mask

Kate – "It was slimy, in a cold way. It was hard to eat snacks so I wouldn’t recommend it if you like to eat a lot, however I did manage to eat. If you don’t like to eat a lot – why?" Charley – "Diet tip-if you don’t like to eat wearing face masks then you can use face masks as a diet plan." Kate – "My skin feels the same after the face mask. I give it a 2/10" Charley – "Although Kate is a freak and always has soft skin so maybe she’s a bad example"
Here is Kate in the face mask…

Charley – TonyMoly I’m Real Aloe Mask

Charley -"It was moist. It smelt realllll good. When I put it on my face it felt refreshing and was cool, if you don’t put it on right the first time then the mouth flap is a little annoying. I can’t read Korean" (relevance?????) "My skin feels a little sticky now, but well moisturised. I give it a 7/10, it smelt realllll good."
Here is Charley in her face mask…

Me – Tonymoly I’m Real

So I struggled to keep this on my face because it was so so slidey and I also have the same complaint about the eating – however I feel that I coped better than Kate. My face feels really nice and moisturised, but my face does feel sticky. It gets a solid 6/10.
Me in the face mask looking slightly serial killer ish…

Overall, they were nice but not amazing. Nothing worth crazing over and based on the retail price they’re kinda overpriced. We aren’t giving up on Korean Beauty yet though, perhaps we just haven’t found the Holy Grail of Korean beauty yet!

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