Four reasons to get an iDeal of Sweden case this Black Friday

One of the most irritating things for me is seeing a beautiful girl (all of them tbh) in a beautiful outfit, with a battered and broken phone case.
My favourite stylish phone cases are from iDeal of Sweden and today I’m going to tell you 4 reasons that you need one in your life. If you’re already convinced, you can shop them for 50% off (until Sunday the 26th) here:
1. Style
iDeal are always up to date with current trends and put chic twists on them to ensure that they don’t look dated within a few weeks. I constantly get asked about my iDeal cases/complimented on them and truly treasure them.

2. Durance
Over a year ago I got my first iDeal of Sweden cases. I got three of them and to this day, despite being battered and dropped (even out of a two storey window but that’s a story for another time) not a single one looks a day older than they did when I got them.

3. Price
They’re affordable. I’d say they probably lie on the higher end of phone cases, but if you consider how many times you would need to replace any other phone case in the same period you’d have this for I think you’ll find them a cost efficient long term investment.

4. Options
iDeal update their range seasonally so there are always new options for you to check out and there’s enough for you to get a whole range of them to match your outfits. Heck, get one for each day of the week!

Shop iDeal of Sweden for 50% off 24-16th of November only, here:
Items featured in this post were gifted in exchange for promotions, however all opinions are my own. The links used in this post are pay per click but I will not earn commission if you decide to purchase.

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