Coping With Anxiety

Let’s talk anxiety. Don’t worry, I’m not going to moan to you or try to make you feel sorry for me – I just want to share my thoughts on a topic which is very close to home (hopefully it might even help somebody!). Equally, if this topic is a little too serious and not for you, check out one of my lighter posts here.
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What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a normal part of everyday for most people, however for some people (about 1 in 6 young people according to it can make day-to-day life seem terrifying. This is different for each person, including physical, psychological and behavioural symptoms.

Some common symptoms of anxiety are increased heart rate, dizziness, difficulty breathing, altered perceptions of the world, feeling ‘on edge’, thinking you might die although there are many more.

Read more about anxiety here: Anxiety UK, NHS.

What Qualifies Me To Talk About Anxiety?

I’ve struggled with anxiety for many years now and have been taking medication to help for around 18 months. Starting taking the medication was an incredibly difficult time for many reasons, but ultimately it really helps me to cope. Fun fact, around the time of starting my medication I got into fights with my then flatmates because they would look through the bins (weird, I know. Apparently they were checking we were recycling?) and I was insanely paranoid about them finding the empty packets. Yet here I am admitting to the medication on the internet. That’s progress, right? … Right?

For me, the main symptom is anxiety attacks which manifest as extreme itchiness. Which is usually painfully obvious to people I’m with and results in lots of people either pointing out that I’m covered in scratches/blotches or asking why. This was the thing that pushed me to see a Doctor in the end.

I'm sorry its just that i literally do not care at all

My Favourite Coping Mechanisms

 Coping with anxiety is by no means easy and I am by no means a Doctor. However, I thought that it would be nice to share some of the ways I manage my anxiety.

1) The Frida App

One thing that always helps my anxiety is talking it out with others. Sometimes it’s nice to have somebody to tell you there’s nothing to worry about and give advice. But I never want to ‘bother’ people around me by talking to them all the time.

This is what drew me to the app ‘Frida’. It is a platform for women to anonymously support`eachother and talk with eachother. I’ve been using this app for about a month and have so far talked with lots of lovely ladies.

If you want to join me on Frida, search Frida in the app store or click hereLooking at my phone

2) Do Nothing
Another thing that helps me is to do things that don’t really take much out of me and instead allow me to focus on being calm. For example, spending some time cuddling with my pup or taking a hot bath.
One of my favourite versions of this one (puppy cuddles are obviously #1) is reading a thriller book. The best type of book for soothing my anxiety is something jam-packed with action, which completely consumes my thoughts therefore not allowing me to worry about anything.

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3) Yoga & Meditation
 These are habits that I picked up in Sri Lanka and have stayed with me since then. Yoga is a great way to distract your mind, as holding the poses takes a lot of concentration. If you’re a lazy ass like me then its also a fab form of ‘exercise’.
Meditation is something that I use more to help me sleep than throughout the day. If I’m struggling to sleep because I’m worrying  about things then I  like to listen to guided medtation videos on YouTube. My favourite channel for this is: Jason Stephenson.
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Where You Can Find Help

 If you suspect that you are suffering with anxiety (or any other mental illness) please do not hesitate to make an appointment with the Doctor. You are not just being a ‘stresshead’. You are not making a deal out of nothing. You should not have to struggle. Your Doctor can discuss options with you and suggest ways that you can manage this.
In the meantime, you can find more information here: Anxiety UK, NHS, NHS Self-Help Tips, Mind.
All the best, Becky Lou xx

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