Christmas Gift Guide 2017!

Christmas is coming quickly and I know that many of you are probably starting to panic a little about what you will buy those close to you. Now, I won’t pretend that I’m an expert in men’s gifts, I’m a disaster. That’s why I’ve written a gift guide for the lady in your life, be that a little lady or grown up lady. So if you’re struggling, keep on reading and hopefully I can help!
Jewellery, to be honest sparkles in general, are always a safe bet when buying gifts. Quite often though, people tend to play it safe and go for something really classic with jewellery, here are a few trendy pieces that are still classic enough to wear for seasons to come!

Maze (£8-£12)
Maze is a brand that I recently discovered on instagram (click here) and I immediately fell in love with their simple elegant designs. I have two of their rings, a necklace, a bracelet and a pair of earrings. These are perfect for the classy lady in your life, or somebody who changes their mind a lot as they’re so affordable!
My only issue, is that I used to have stretched ears so I now have about a 3mm hole and I actually lost an earring the other day because it just fell out. So if you are buying for somebody who used to, or does have, stretched ears then these may not be the best pair to buy.

Kaytie Wu (£12-£28)
Kaytie Wu has been a love of mine for a few years now. Her items are, without exception, stunning. Plus, I have never had anything bad to say about any of the items. I particularly love the rings which are always super duper sparkly.
These rings are perfectly priced for younger girls and sparkly enough for them to love wearing them! There’s even some pink ones!
Click to shop my favourite Kaytie Wu pieces: Necklace, Teardrop Ring, Pink Ring, Single Gem Ring, Earrings.

Annie Haak (£32-£265)
Annie Haak is the perfect combination of having lots of details that make the items look expensive whilst still being delicate and chic. I opted for stacks which bumped the price up a little, but if there’s a specific individual piece that you like they’re perfectly affordable.
Click to shop my favourite Annie Haak pieces: Bracelets, Rings.

Daniel Wellington (£39-£129)
The reining Insta King of watches, Daniel Wellington is surely a thought that has crossed anybody who spends a lot of time on there’s mind when thinking of Christmas gifts. They’re perfect for the insta obsessed babe in your life and even come in cute Christmas sets at the moment! Even better, you can use code ‘beckyloubutton’ for 15% off!
Click to shop my favourite DW pieces: Melrose, Sterling, Cuff.
Don’t be fooled by this season nonsense, sunglasses are a year round accessory and look FIERCE AS HELL – especially in Winter with a big scarf and ‘I couldn’t care less what you think’ expression on your face. Here are two of my favourite pairs, one at a luxury/splurge price point and one a little more reasonable.

Guess (£81)
I love love love this bright and funky this pair is. They’re so much fun to wear with bright summery outfits and the ultimate pair to achieve a sassy look. They even get the 11 year-old boy vote.
Get them here.

Jimmy Choo (£219)
These are my ‘I’m a grown up and you can’t prove otherwise’ sunglasses. The black makes them feel super chic so I can wear them anywhere. Because they look so classy, they’re also perfect for disguising a hangover – I promise nobody will realise.
Get there here, or if you have a Costo membership then go there and save yourself about £100 (I know what I would choose…).
There are some things that you can never really go wrong with for girls, in my mind that would be nails and hair. Whether it a young girl who will want princess curls and sparkly pink nails or your best mate who will want a fierce chop and acrylic talons you can’t go wrong with a voucher to their fave salon.
A couple of my favorites include Soho Leeds for my nails and Regis Bangor for my hair!
Skin Care
This isn’t really one for the smaller gals, but any from about their teens upward will probably be happy with a skincare gift. One of my favourite brands is certainly Erborian. Their products were all phenomenal and I have no complaints at all. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures before I left home so I can’t put any in here, but you can find my YouTube review below!


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