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Its a slightly different post today. I’m sitting in bed, feeling less than great, listening to the rain and dreaming about places I will go and things that I will do. Whenever I’m feeling de-motivated or sad my favourite thing to do is to curl up in bed with something tasty and day dream of all the life changing things that I’ve done and that I will do when I’m a real life grown up. But, of course, these things take money … and that’s the part that motivates me.
So this rainy day I decided to write my list down, including things that I’ve done in brackets, to share with you in a place that I can update it as I go along. I hope you feel motivated by the end!
1) Write a bucket list (✓)
2) Find true, pure happiness.
3) Volunteer with a cause that I believe in. (✓ Ghana 2014, Medical volunteer with Projects Abroad)

4) Travel Europe alone.
5) Visit every continent. (Europe, North America, Africa)
6) Visit 100 countries. (UK, France, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, Morocco, Ghana, USA [Florida], The Netherlands, Greece, Egypt, Hungary)
7) Complete my Bachelor’s degree.
8) Get a tattoo. (✓ Actually I have four: Boobs inside my lip, a tree on my spine, ’22/03/2017′ in Roman numerals on my rib and ‘2017’ in Roman numerals on my foot)

9) Get my driving license. (✓ July 2017)
10) Go to a club alone, make new friends.
11) Get an impulsive holiday tattoo. (✓ The Roman numeral ones)
12) Swim in an abandoned quarry.
13) Float in the Dead Sea.
14) Go an entire day without speaking to anybody.
15) Go skinny dipping somewhere exotic at sunset.
16) Go skydiving.
17) Bathe an elephant.
18) Swim under the stars. (✓ Egypt 2016/2017, with my two brothers.)
19) Get hypnotised.
20) Watch the Northern Lights from an igloo.
21) Go completely internet free for a week.
22) Quit my job for no real reason. (✓ Greggs, Summer 2015. I had another job and wanted some days off)
23) Climb a volcano in Hawaii.
24) See the sun rise at Angkor Wat.
25) Hike the Great Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.
26) Take pictures with my favourite Disney characters. (✓ Tinkerbell & Mickey Mouse, February 2015)
27) Let a Disney character sing Happy Birthday to me. (✓ Tigger & Pooh, Disney World February 2015)
28) See Stonehenge.
29) Stand and swim under a waterfall.
30) Watch the sun rise and set in the same day. (✓ Dominican Republic, 2015)
31) See a beach with black sand.
32) Be a bridesmaid.
33) Make a blog. (✓ beckyloubutton, 2016)

34) Go self-hosted.
35) Hit rock bottom, get back up.
36) Be on a magazine cover (hehe, as if!)
37) Go snorkelling in the open sea. (✓ Dominican Republic, 2015; Egypt, 2016)

38) Go scuba diving. (Snuba, Dominican Republic, 2015)
39) See the Egyptian pyramids.
40) Swim in the Great Barrier Reef.
41) Visit Salar De Uyuni and take a selfie.
42) Visit the pug café in Japan.
43) Hike in the Great Canyon.
44) Road trip across America with my best friends in an RV.
45) Buy a house.
46) Live outside of the UK.
47) Visit Easter Island.
48) Camp out on a deserted island.
49) Learn another language. (French? Spanish?)
50) Get badly lost in a foreign country, alone.
51) Walk the Great Wall of China.
52) Have a picnic at Plitvice Lakes National Park.
53) Bathe in an original Turkish bath and an outdoor bath in Budapest. (✓ Rudas Baths, Budapest 2017)
54) Save up for a year, then go to Rodeo Drive and spend it all.
55) Go to Tomorrowland.
56) Swim in a hot spring in Iceland.
57) Learn to love being alone.
58) Eat at a restaurant where you are seated on the floor.
59) Go to Tuvalu before the sea engulfs it.
60) Give up meat for a year.
61) Achieve 100/100 on the Clean Sweep challenge. (Start: 18. Current: 62).
62) Go to Yellowstone National Park.
63) Go to Bora Bora.
64) Go to Thailand, be a cliché.
65) Visit the Taj Mahal.
66) Have a helicopter ride over the Tianzi Mountains.
67) Run a marathon.
68) Go to the Glacier National Park, hopefully swim.
69) Take a dip in Pamukkale.
70) Visit excessively romanticised European cities that will drain my bank account; Venice, Paris, Rome, Budapest, London, Athens, Prague, Vienna, Valencia, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Istanbul, Edinburgh, Madrid, Copenhagen, Dubrovnik, Munich, Florence, Kraków, Milan, Moscow. (✓ Budapest, London, Athens, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Madrid)

71) Kite surf on the beach. (✓ Egypt, 2016)
72) Name a star.
73) Overcome my fear of needles.
74) Become a regular blood donor.
75) Campaign for mental health awareness, don’t stop.
76) Be at peace with my body.
77) Love my body.
78) Get a new nose.
79) Break a World record.
80) Complete a 365 day challenge.
81) Don’t swear for a day, week, month, year, ever.
82) See all seven original Wonders of the World.
83) Smoke marijuana in a country where it is legal. (✓ Amsterdam, 2015)
84) Go to the cinema alone.
85) Make snow angels…naked.
86) Get a terrible hair cut. (✓ The Netherlands, 2015)
87) Have a library in my home.
88) Climb a mountain.
89) See my favourite band on my birthday. (✓ Asking Alexandria, February, 2013)
90) Purge Facebook friends.
91) Go to Ibizia, do things other than drink.
92) Spend Christmas in New York City.
93) Adopt a puppy.
94) Cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge.
95) Swim throught the Silfra Fissure between Europe and North America.
96) Learn to surf in Hawaii.
97) Walk on a glass bridge over a Canyon in China.
98) Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
99) Take a long walk in the rain, by choice.
100) Give birth.
101) See the fairy chimney of Cappadocia from a hot air balloon.
102) Experience Milford Sound by foot and by boat.
103) Order room service in the middle of the night. (✓ Dominican Republic, 2015/2016)
104) Bungee jump from Contra Dam in Switzerland.
105) Visit a physic, be open minded.
106) Go on the World’s longest zip wire at Snowdonia.
107) Smash something expensive, don’t worry about the aftermath.
108) Grow my hair long, donate it to charity.
109) Stargaze at the beach. (✓ Dominican Republic, 2015)
110) Attend a slutwalk.
111) See the ‘Door to Hell’ in Turkmenistan.
112) Carve my name in a tree with a lover.
113) VIisit my dream hotels; Hanging Gardens Bali, Ladera Resort Bali, Hotel Caruso Italy.
114) Visit the Elephant Orphanage, Adam’s Peak, Mirissa Beach, World’s End and the Temple of the Tooth in Sri Lanka.
115) Realise this list is too extravagant. (✓ Almost immediately)

116) Try anyway.

13/116 11%

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