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Let’s talk about Blank Cosmetics.
You’ve probably seen 10000001 Bloggers and Instagrammers talk about them before, God knows I have. Now, I don’t know about you, but Instagram famous brands scare me a little bit. You know the ones, you’ve never heard of them outside of Instagram but see them constantly on Instagram? The reason they scare me is that I know some bloggers will promote things they don’t love (but that’s a story for another day), that some brands put way more money into their branding and being pretty than product and some even increase their prices simply because so many people are willing to pay the extra for a pretty IG feed (I’m so guilty).

So, the question I am here to answer today for those of you who also have these questions…Is Blank Canvas Cosmetics a brand worth buying from or would it be a waste of my money? (Spoiler alert: I threw out all of my old make-up brushes after using these.)
I tried out the 12 piece hot pink brush set, the Master Series Palette One and their airbrush beauty blender which were both gifted to me for review. You can purchase them here:
Let’s hit the brushes first.

Even telling you that I love these brushes and threw out all of my old ones in favour of these is an injustice. There are 12 pieces in this set which usually retails for £75 (£67 at the moment I believe), which works out at £5.77 a piece which is undeniably great value. I’ll confess, I’m pants at knowing brush names so I’m going to refer to them as the number they are from left to right.
That said, I loved #1 as a powder brush because it’s sooo fluffy and soft. Interestingly I felt like I also needed much less product with all of these brushes and that they washed easily. #2 is great to use like a kabuki. #3 made powder contour a dream, I’m not kidding. #4 I used for applying face masks and was shocked how easily it made it to avoid the brows and how easy it was to wash out after!? #5 & #6 I used for highlight, more on that in a sec. #7-#11 were great for eyeshadow, I’m not really sure much to say about them. #12 is a really great dupe for the ABH eyebrow brush, I used it with my dipbrow and was really happy.
The airbrush blenders were nice, nothing spectacular, but they did the job well so I would buy again.

The reason I felt these two warranted specific mention, look how well they applied those highlights! The middle two are obviously swatches, then a swipe with the larger of these brushes, then the smaller. With the New Look highlight at the top and Mac at the bottom (message me on IG for shades as I don’t have them to hand right now, sorry!). I am obsessed with the New Look highlight on my cheekbone with the big brush and the Mac on on my brow bone with the little brush, dreamy.

So for swatches of the palette, top left is a finger swatch, top right brush, bottom left Fix+ brush swatch and then my arm after I washed them off.
The finger swatches really impressed me, I didn’t need to press down very hard and the swatches were nice. The brush swatches were as expected, okay but not so strong or pigmented so I decided to try them with Fix+…the light colours disappeared, the dark ones were messy and hard to work with and the palette got those weird wet marks on it. Bad move, don’t use Fix+ with this palette guys, reallllly bad move. They didn’t wash off as easily as I’d like though and I left my arm with red marks from scrubbing.

As for the eyeshadows on the lids?…This was what I got after spending a few mins building up the darkest colour…I think this palette would be great for beginners who want to play around with darker colour and are happy to build really slowly, but personally I wasn’t a fan. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be though! I’d love to hear if you had different experiences!

In conclusion, next time I need make up brushes I will 100% be heading back to Blank Canvas Cosmetics. However next time I want a new make up palette? This one isn’t for me.

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