Best Insta-Spots in Bangor

Why so obsessed?
Everywhere I go (and I mean EVERYWHERE) my brain is constantly buzzing trying to think of how I can make it into an amazing Instagram picture. I’m constantly trying to think of new things to post about and how I can bring new content to my audience. Not everybody likes it, some people think that I’m silly for spending so much time focusing on pictures, however I love it and therefore will not stop.
When I first started going to University, in Bangor Wales, I was disappointed to find that it is very very small and therefore found that there was a serious limit on the amount of places to be able to go to take awesome insta-pictures. To help out some of this year’s Fresher’s I decided to create a list of my favourite places to go to get that perfect insta-pic.

Killer brunches at Pontio
Think massive windows at every opportunity…

white walls, white tables,…

plain, black plates…it’s a minimalist IG’s dream. If your theme is white, you’ll have a field day.
Get yo’ ass to the beach
Grab your trainers and trek through the trees by Ffordd Siliwen to chill on the rocky beach by the side of the Menai Strait.

For bonus points, take a picnic and go at sunset…

If you prefer sandy beaches then there’s a totally awe-worthy Newborough Beach. On a warm day it could absolutely be mistaken for a beach in Spain or somewhere similar.
Climb the sand dunes and get one of your friends to take a picture from the bottom (I loved this because its so hard to look bad from this angle.

Marble tables & green leaves at Fat Cat
Just got your nails done (I’ll hook you up in my next tip) and want the perfect background to take a pic? In fact, want to take a picture of pretty much anything and just want a cute background? Hit up Fat Cat. Whilst you’re there, take advantage of 2-for-1 cocktails.

For a mani-pedi it has to be the Nail Studio
Fair prices, student discount, fun and chatty staff, an amazing sets of nails every time and they do an amazing eyebrow tint and shape… What more could I ask for?

Non-chain shopping at Enchantment
This place is absolutely adorable, its full of cute candles, bath products and a rail of stunning clothes.

Whilst you’re there, be sure to say hi to the lady behind the counter! She’s absolutely lovely and will certainly make your day.

Eat dinner on the water’s edge at Dylan’s
The food is great, the staff are amazing and the view is simply incredible. The only small downside is the distance if you don’t drive as it is over at Anglesey. However, you can always take the bus or make a day of it by walking over Menai Bridge.

Get a bomb burger & milkshake at Harvey’s Diner
Or, if you’re more like me get a salad, but burgers are their specialty.

If you can, get the middle booth in front of the sign and take a cute picture with it.

Best coffee in town at Two Guys from Brussels
The best part about this place is that there’s a chess board, oh and they’re cheap.

Take your new bae on a romatic walk down the Pier

Need I say more?
Watch the sun rise or set from the Golf Course
Whether its a romantic evening watching the sunset or the perfect end to a drunken night out that you’ll never forget, the Golf Course is the perfect place to see the sun rise or set.

Hot chocolate with everything at Blue Sky Cafe
Anything in blue sky really, the tables are perfect for pictures on and everything tastes great.

Plus the hot chocolate is literally to die for.
Go to Gorjys Secrets Festival
Forgive me, I don’t have that many amazing pictures because I was actually working the event when I attended last year (we have no current affiliation) so I didn’t spend as much time looking for the perfect Instagram picture as much as I would like.
However, the setting does make for lovely pictures.

And I did get to meet some amazing people, for example Tom Butler & James Flett. Also, this pizza:

No content in this post was sponsored in any way possible. These are all places that I like to go to. Neither do I think I’m any kind of Instagram star, photography expert or think that I have amazing pictures – all I’m trying to do is let you know some of my favourite places if I am trying to get a good picture.

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