Trying To Be An Influencer? Read This First.

Trying to be an influencer? Read this first …


The word almost every ‘influencer’ hates and millions of young people across the globe aspire to call themselves. I personally hate it, but it’s the closest job title to what I do and because of that people often ask me how to become one.

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Everybody Is Trying To Be An Influencer …

People, especially people who only loosely know me, often message me. They say things like they’re trying to be an influencer and can I help? Conversations generally go like this:

Them: Hey! We haven’t spoken in so long! How are you?
Me: I’m great thanks! How have you been?
Them: Not bad. Hey, so listen, I saw your Instagram page and I was wondering how I can get free things and paid to post too?
Me: *briefly explains that it’s not as easy as it looks and is hard work, but I’d be happy to help if they want to work on it*
Them: *no response*

If you don’t believe me, here is an example of a conversation I had with one friend:

So, you're trying to be an influencer?Pin It

So, you're trying to be an influencer?Pin It

So, you're trying to be an influencer?Pin It

Okay, perhaps I was a little snappy with him but we always had a brutally honest relationship so it would have made no sense to beat around the bush.

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With that said, here are 5 things you should consider before persuing this as a career:

1. It is a TON of work.

The workload is massive and unrelenting. If you don’t enjoy it, there is no way you could even begin to maintain this. On an average day I wake up around 9am and if I stop thinking about work before 10pm I usually feel guilty for not working enough. I spend at least an hour, often up to 3 a day just doing admin – emails, website updates, invoices, planning posts etc.

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2. It will cost you a lot of money before it starts to earn you any.

Set up costs alone are enormous. My website set up cost around £200 and camera nearing £550. Currently, my phone is dying a death faster than I would like which is disastrous when you’re a blogger – especially when your focus is Instagram. So I’ll probably need to buy a new one in the next couple of months and a cheap one won’t cut it. Likewise when I needed a new laptop last month which ended up costing over £1000. Then there is the money you spend on the items or experiences you’re talking about. For me this is excess clothes and make-up, for you it could be travel or food but whatever it is it won’t be free.

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3. You’ll be criticised left, right and centre.

Especially if you have family who isn’t especially understanding. But it isn’t only family who can be judgemental. By living your life somewhat publically and putting aspects of it out publically people think they are entitled to opinions on your life. My favourite ‘criticism’ of being a blogger I’ve ever recieved was ‘Without the internet you’re nothing’. OooooooK.

4. People will try to get you to work for free.

You find yourself constantly having to justify why you should be paid for your work. Until you can afford to pay people to help you, you’re going to be the planner, photographer, lighting manager, retoucher, publisher, administrator, finance manager, content scheduler … You get the idea.

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5. It’s hard to keep yourself and enjoy things.

Since shopping for new clothes, receiving them, styling them and shooting them became a large part of my job its way less enjoyable. I can’t walk past a pretty flower arrangement without pestering my other half to take a picture of me. The most simple of pleasures have become work, posting daily to Instagram became a necessity rather than done out of fun.

Still feel like giving it a go and trying to be an influencer? Go for it, but do it right andfor the right reasions.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my job. I wake up in the morning excited to start the day and enjoy what I do. But it frustrates me that a lot of people seem to think it is easy, all I do is sit on my butt all day and people through cash at me.

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