LFW Is Coming … But I’m Not Going

If you were to have a nosey through my inbox right now (could you clear it whilst you’re there please? That would be SUPER useful. K? thnx.) you would find 14 show invitations and numerous party invitations. But with 4 days to go, I just can’t bring myself to send that fashion week RSVP.

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My first Fashion Week was SS17(read more about it here), I traveled across the country for an hour-long show and thought I had ~ made it ~. I always thought attending Fashion Month is how you know that you are doing well as a fashion blogger. So, to be honest with you I can’t really explain to you the feeling of uneasiness in my tummy that’s preventing me from attending. In fact, I haven’t even opened the emails – they’re sitting in my inbox angrily staring back at me. I feel as though I’m being admonished for my rudeness in not replying – I’ve even had reminders to RVSP!!!

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This morning I sat down today to open them, respond saying I’ll be there and then book transport/accommodation … instead, I found myself making a pinboard of animal print fashion then writing this post.

The sad reality is that I don’t feel like I belong at fashion week, perhaps for the same reasons I don’t feel like I fit in with the blogging community either. Living in Wales, I don’t have a big gal group to go with and it’s probably a little sad to go alone. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve made some amazing online friendships with wonderful London bloggers, but I feel like to ask to go with them would be cramping their style or being in the way. Almost like a little limpet tagging alone when they’d probably rather go with their besties.

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Last time, I desperately dropped a few kilos right before fashion week and hopefully be a bit more confident before going. I did, but I still felt like the biggest girl in the room. Regardless of my attempts at posing/dressing to hide it on Instagram, I have certainly put those kilos back on plus a lot more leaving me at a big size 14 but that is a ~ whole ~ other blog post. Memories of bitchiness and girls looking me up and down last year when I wore a 10/12 have me feeling like no amount of self-love will allow me to go back until I’ve lost the weight.

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The last couple of fashion weeks I was heartbroken to have exams and not go despite wanting to. Yet, the issues I discussed above coupled with costs, energy, planning all those outfits, the pressure of content creation, the stress of running between shows etc … sounds like far too much of a headache when I have so many other things going on at the moment.

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With all of this said, I cannot promise that come Thursday I won’t start complaining about missing out and wishing I was there. But for this time around, I think I have my answer to those invitations. LFW? No, thank you.

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  1. Lauren

    This is really interesting. Fashion Week has always been something I wished I could attend and was my real aspiration for where I wanted my blog to take me. But, after reading this, I’m not so fussed anymore.


    • beckyloubuttonBlogger

      Thank you lovely! I feel it is a goal for most fashion bloggers, but from my experience it was far less about the actual fashion than judging eachother and who looks the ‘coolest’. Maybe that’s just my experience though!

  2. Lisa

    I just started following you on Instagram because you’re pretty much the first size 14 fashion blogger I have seen on Instagram and so I am a huge fan! I LOVE that you have a belly (like I do) and that you have a similar taste in clothes to me and that you freakin ROCK every outfit and look so sassy and confident in them.

    I am sad to read that you feel out of place at fashion week because you’re a big size 14 (so am I) but that is precisely what makes you so fantastic!! You are a rare unicorn in a sea of same-sames which bores the ever loving tits off me!!

    Honestly, the world needs more gorgeous mid-size women strutting their stuff, not more of the same size 8s!!

    I truly hope that you come to see just how magnificent and unique and wonderful and needed you are and that you show up in life from that place so that others like me can find you and enjoy seeing you as you are because you are enough and you’re worth it and I’m glad I found you xo

    • beckyloubuttonBlogger

      Thank you so much! It makes me so happy to hear people like what I’m doing and that you can see similarities between us!!! The outpouring of love I’ve had in response to this post is unreal, it’s definitely helping me feel more at home in my skin – you never know, maybe next season I’ll rock Fashion Week size 14 and all! Keep being you beautiful, hope to hear from you again soon! xx

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