Is Owning A Crap Tonne Of Clothes Really A Good Thing?

At the time of writing this, I have a wardrobe bursting at the seams, a full clothes rail, approximately four full drawers and four Ikea bags of clothes.  If you can’t even imagine the volume of clothes it would take to fill that much space, join the club.

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Lack of space aside, it must be amazing right? Having what feels like a never-ending selection of clothes and always being able to wear something different? In theory, yeah.

In practice, my house is permanently covered in piles of clothes and I have so many clothes that it overwhelms me. I don’t want to seem like I’m complaining here, I know what I am in a highly privileged position that some people could only dream of. What I am trying to say is that having lots of clothes isn’t the be all and end all.

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Frequently people gush to me about how amazing it must be, but in reality, most of the clothes I own are being stored. The clothes pile up and up with my guilt. So many people could give them good homes. So many people would love them way more than I do. I feel selfish for having these beautiful clothes in the hopes of one day wearing them when I know in reality I’ll only wear most things once.

Shop things actually on repeat in my wardrobe:

A big part of my job is showing you the latest trends/pieces of clothing I love and don’t get me wrong, I ADORE THIS. But that doesn’t mean you should feel the need to keep up because truth be told I barely keep up with the trends either.

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Currently, I am in the process of clearing out my clothes (and life in general), getting rid of anything I do not feel 100% in. Some things are going to the local charity shop and lots of things are going on my Mercari page for a fraction of the price I paid.

I’ve been sorting through things, slowly, for around a month now and I already feel myself slowly being more adventurous with my clothes. I think due to being able to actually see what is in my wardrobe helps.

I doubt this revelation that more clothes doesn’t necessarily mean more outfits or being more fashionable will mean I stop buying so many clothes, but maybe I’ll be pickier about them. Or maybe you’ll keep seeing items worn once on my Mercari. Either way, I’m loving having an emptier wardrobe for now.

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