No, I Will Not Go Put Some More Clothes On.

Have you ever posted a picture you really like to be met with ‘Put some more clothes on’? Or ‘why so much skin’? Has somebody told you a picture is too revealing to post? I have something to say to those people:

No, I will not go put some more clothes on.

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I received this bodysuit in a PR package a couple of weeks ago and when I tried to shoot it I was immediately frustrated. I spent hours tugging at it, trying to cover as much of myself as possible. I put it on with jeans and still felt like I was showing too much skin. I emailed Hey Pretty and told them it wasn’t my style and I couldn’t make it work for me.

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That night I laid in bed wondering, what is it about my flesh that is so offensive? So what if somebody sees a bit of my leg? So what if they see a little bum? SO WHAT IF THEY SEE A STRETCH MARK?!?!?

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I reasoned with myself, its because it’s sexual. It wouldn’t be appropriate a person to look at me that way. So, for those people I have something else to say.

My body is not for your satisfaction and my body is not inherently sexual.


So I thought to myself, I would hang out in my room in this bodysuit. Sit reading a book or write an assignment. Why would it become a dirty thing if I were to take a picture wearing it? It shouldn’t – and I won’t let it be. Nudity, partial or even complete is not a dirty thing and people should not be taught that there is something wrong with their bodies.

I don’t know about you, but I have enough personal hang ups about my body without being made to feel like its a dirty thing or something which has to be hidden away from the world.

Make no mistake this is not about wanting to flaunt myself, not about wanting to look attractive and not about wanting to show skin. This is about being tired of hiding and being ashamed. There is nothing wrong with my body, it has taken me to incredible places and it helps me to lead a wonderful life.

If people have a problem with it, perhaps they should look away.

Style your bodysuit with (or be brave and bear it all…):



  1. Beth Frazer

    I absolutely adore this post. Well done to you for wearing it and ROCKING it. You look amazing!

    • beckyloubuttonBlogger

      Ahhhhhhh … thank you so much honey! I really appreciate that xxx

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