How Mercari Helped Me Buy a MacBook

I feel like if you’re ready this then you have probably sold things online or bought second-hand things to get a better deal. I’m guilty of both too.

Recently, my laptop completely died a few days before exams and my dissertation deadlines. I had a little money saved but nowhere near enough for the computer I felt was the best fit for what I need. So I ordered it on credit and am now paying it off as fast as possible.

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So my partner and I went on a Mercari RAMPAGE. I love Mercari because my items tend to sell pretty quickly, they have a great referral scheme and there are NO FEES!! already had around £100 in my Mercari account for things I’d sold before. Cut to almost two weeks later and I’ve paid back around 75% of the laptop back. This didn’t all come from Mercari, but a lot did. So today I’m going to share with you my top 3 tips on how to sell more!

Download Mercari here, then search Becky Lou Button to shop my wardrobe!

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Tip 1

Sell in season things! It may seem obvious but items I’ve listed which are from this season sell so much faster! If you have a lot of items that are out of season, wait until they come back in to make the maximum amount per item. Alternatively, style them with a trendy item in the picture to catch attention.

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Tip 2

When an item I’m selling has previously been on my Instagram I use that image as the first one on Mercari. These items seem to sell wayyyyy faster, so maybe try styling items so people can visualise how they’ll wear it more easily. I also like to show items on and say what size I usually am to allow people to compare.

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Tip 3

Upsell, upsell, upsell!

Easily around half of my sales have been repeat customers or customers buying multiple items. Every time a customer buys something I send them a message to let them know that since I would be combining postage, if they bought multiple items I would discount further items by £3. I also message the ladies who consistently buy from me when I’ve uploaded so they can take a look! It also helps to consistently upload at the same time, I like Sundays at 8pm.

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Download Mercari here, then search ‘Becky Lou Button’ to shop my page.

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P.S. incase you’re wondering just how extra I am, my laptop is called Hilda and she’s my second child (after Winter of course).




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