Easy Peasy Father’s Day Presents

The dreaded day is looming, Father’s Day. I would say I know my Dad pretty well but every time I need to buy him a present I find myself panicking about what to get him and have absolutely NO clue what to buy.

Every Father’s Day I scour the internet for gift guides and find myself frequently directed to Not On the Highstreet (a great place to find unusual and personalised items by the way). As wonderful as that website is, I find myself bored of seeing what they have every year.

This year, I was contacted by a representative of the Micheal Bublé’s aftershaves, to take part in their Father’s Day campaign. So I decided to write a Father’s Day gift guide, including some cheat presents that are EASY PEASY.

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So the first thing that I think is always a safe bet for a gift for anybody is fragrance and Very’s next day delivery has saved my butt COUNTLESS times (they have tons of aftershave at the moment too) especially when I forgot to buy a gift… This year, I’ll be giving my Dad the new Micheal Bublé aftershave which has a rich gentlemanly scent and I’m hoping he really loves. If you’re interested in ordering the Micheal Bublé aftershave then click the image above or below and be sure to order by the 14th to get it on time!

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If fragrance isn’t your thing there are a few other cheeky things you can do. Another trick that I frequently use is Virgin Experience Days, you can find some pretty cheap ones here and picking the right one can make it extremely personal. For Christmas this year I bought my Grandparents an afternoon tea on and my Dad one to visit Anfield, all without getting my lazy ass out of bed. They then send you a voucher/information sheet in a lovely envelope so you can even get away without wrapping it #winning.

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Okay so the next one is even cheekier and is very dependant on the type of relationship you have with your Dad. If, like me, you have access to his Amazon account then you can simply check his wishlist, order something from there then delete it from his wishlist so he hopefully doesn’t also buy it. I guess this is a little risky though, but hey – isn’t that what life is about?

Another brilliant cop out present is gift cards. Dad loves Next? Buy him a Next gift card. Gym Shark? Easy Peasy. Fun fact: my Dad is also getting a Gym Shark gift card this year, because I bought him Gym Shark things for his birthday and apparently he loved them but this time I’d prefer he gets to choose exactly what he wants. *if you’re reading this Dad please pretend you didn’t read that bit. 

Here are some places that you can get gift cards Dad might like: Harrods, Gym Shark, Harvey Nichols, Next, ASOS, Argos, Hugo Boss or pretty much anywhere else you can think of.

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If you’re feeling like doing something a little bit more personal then you could always create a personalised basket and put in some items you know he’ll love because sometimes its easier to find lots of small things he might like than one big thing.

Some ideas of what to include:

Most of all, don’t forget to show Dad some love and give him a call. I’m sure thats what is most important to him. Happy shoppinh my loves!

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